Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Law. Vs. The Law: Is Another Murder Taking Place Now in San Bernardino County?

Are judges above the law? 

At the DNC & RNC conventions, all of the politicians are acting like every thing is just dandy in the U.S. and that the problems with the economy and joblessness are not the result of run-away corruption in our government, judicial system and law enforcement. They especially make no mention of the decimation of the Black American population that is "under attack" by our government in this country!

The article below is a good example of the blatant corruption that is running "Hog Wild" in our judicial system and is being ignored by all of these smiley politicians.  

This article has been submitted by a Forein Correspondent for The Justice Channel, 
Janet Phelan.

Actually, in the doublespeak of conservatorship lingo, the conservator doesn’t actually “kill” or “murder” the conservatee. What she does is make an “end of life decision” for her ward.

Such a decision may involve the disallowal of medicine for a ward who is ill with a treatable disease. When Elizabeth Fairbanks fell ill with pneumonia, conservator Melodie Scott made an “end of life decision” and ordered the withholding of antibiotics and, just to give that little extra push into the grave, okayed that the elderly woman be dosed with morphine. Morphine retards respiration and may, in fact, stop a person's breathing.

Helpless and without legal standing to intervene, Fairbanks’ children watched in horror as their mother struggled to breathe, then stopped breathing forever.

Fairbanks’ last breath was drawn at a Braswell’s facility. The Braswell’s homes are scattered throughout San Bernardino County, and many of Melodie Scott’s wards have drawn their final breath at one of Braswell’s facilities.

After her attempt was derailed to anonymously admit conservatee Charlie Castle into San Gabriel Valley Medical Center (his whereabouts were discovered and a line of contact with him was established, thereby overriding the anonymity of the admit), Melodie Scott appears to have made one of those “special” decisions about where Charlie’s ride would end, and on August 5 she admitted him into Braswell’s Desert Manor in Yucca Valley.

Immediately, the first step in the “Isolate-Medicate-Euthanize” protocol was invoked. Charlie’s legal right to make and receive phone calls, guaranteed under C.F.R. 483.10 (k) and California Welfare and Institutions Code 5325 (d), was terminated “on the order of the conservator,” according to Megan at Braswell’s. In a case such as Charlie Castle’s, these phone calls may constitute a life-line.

A call was then made to San Bernardino Adult Protective Services and the screener, Tania, refused to take the report, stating that APS has no dominion over those in long-term care facilities.

A call to the San Bernardino County Ombudsman produced an immediate result. A woman who identified herself as Barbara took the report and within a couple of hours, someone from the Ombudsman’s office visited Desert Manor. However, according to the Social Services Director, Megan, the Ombudsman supported the decision of the facility to deny Charlie’s rights to make and receive phone calls.

Another effort to lodge a report with APS was then made and the supervisor, Tatiana Khokhold, stated that the report would not be investigated because Charlie is under a conservatorship. There is no law prohibiting APS from investigating these cases, however.

Ron Buttram, Deputy Director of the San Bernardino County Office on Aging, has declined to comment on either the behavior of the Ombudsman or the refusal of APS to investigate this report and has referred all calls to the Public Information officer, who is out of the office and will return next week.

Calls to the San Bernardino County Courthouse revealed that no one could reveal whether Charlie Castle’s writ of habeas corpus, filed last week, was granted or not. The reason for all this secrecy is that Charlie is under a mental health conservatorship and all this hush-hush business — it is all to protect his privacy. You can thank HIPPA for that perversion of rights and oversight.

In the Administration office of Braswell’s, Chris (who declined to provide his last name) waxed somewhat philosophical over the plight of Charlie Castle and others in his situation. “The facility must make difficult decisions in cases like this,” he said. He admitted awareness of the laws which guarantee the right to make and receive phone calls for residents at facilities like Desert Manor, but asked, “What do you do when a judge issues an order counter to the law?”

You follow the law, I replied.

“But the judge is the law,” said Chris.

Actually, the judge is a man in a long black robe who has taken an oath to uphold the law, but Chris would hear nothing concerning this perception and suddenly reversed his previous statements.

“We do not block a resident from making or receiving phone calls,” he announced cheerfully.

At day’s end, I turned on the tube and listened to Obama’s nomination acceptance speech at the DNC in Charlotte. Repeatedly, President Obama affirmed that we are a country where “everyone plays by the same rules,” as the crowd roared its approval.

He must not have heard about the way they are playing the game out in San Bernardino.

Janet Phelan
Activist Post

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday, September 7, 2012

Is This George Bush's Third Term?

 Both political parties have made it very clear that they are going to do more for Mexicans and Mexico than for Black Americans! Is it because they are Bush relatives? 
See the evidence below!

Federation for American Immigration Reform
Illegal Immigration Cheered at Democratic Convention; God Needs an Assist from Mayor Villaraigosa
One Wednesday evening during prime time, delegates to the Democratic National Convention were addressed by an illegal alien demanding passage of the DREAM Act amnesty.
Full Story

Will Democrats Deliver on Amnesty?
That's the question asked by Maria Pena in a Fox News Latino commentary.
Full Story

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California Sheriffs’ Association Opposes Anti-Detainer Legislation
Last week, the California Sheriffs' Association came out in opposition to the California Legislature's recent passage of anti-detainer bill, that would prohibit state and local law enforcement agents from honoring ICE detainers unless an alien has been convicted of or is in custody for a serious or violent felony.
Full Story

'Undocubus' Illegal Alien Protesters Released After DNC Protest
Immigration officials have decided not to detain 10 illegal immigrants who were arrested by police for blocking traffic.
Full Story

Former Senator Advises Mitt: The Public Can't Handle Immigration Discussion
This year's presidential candidates are taking a different approach to their campaigns: they’re going to avoid mentioning important yet sensitive topics that Americans can’t handle. Like immigration.
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uncle Toms Like Larry Elder and Fascist Propaganda

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

These filthy Presidential Campaign TV shows are getting worse and more insulting to the intelligence of American Citizens and especially Black American Citizens that are not Uncle Toms, Sambos, or Porch Monkeys like Larry Elder. The Republican Party should have been outlawed after eight years of the last Bush (The Gimp) who did nothing but help to destroy this country! The father of "Papa Bush" Prescott Bush, was a Nazi and supported Hitler during World War II.   Like father like son! This idiot low life Nazi is the hero of the Republican Party. This is nothing but a testament to their corruption!
The Gimp

Now FOX News that is owned by an Iranian that supports terrorism, is parading a "Chicken Pecking" Sambo around who is professing that there is no Racism against Black Americans in this country and that Republicans are not in any way Fascist!  Larry Elder is getting paid for this! He is nothing but a lying two bit Uncle Tom! Why is it that FOX News will not let other Blacks Speak out about what is going on with Black Americans today like me?  Larry Elder is doing nothing but disseminating Fascist styled Propaganda flat out lies!

Larry Elder and Uncle Toms like  Obama, are the enemy of Black Americans! You will not hear Larry Elder say on FOX News or his radio show on KABC Radio, that the last Bush administration declared "Open Season" on Black Americans and has allowed the Judicial system and all law enforcement agencies to Frame-up, Beat-up, Kill and rail-road Black Americans into prison concentration camps all across this country with impunity!!!! Our President Obama is just the same! The Democratic and Republican Parties have made it very clear that they both intend to do more for Mexicans than for Black Americans in the next four years!

I have contacted FOX news demanding that they give me equal time and pay to express my view points about the Republican Party and the decimation of Black Americans in this country. I will give a full report on the response if any, that I get from them on this Blog.

Listen to internet radio with Ernest Moore on BlogTalkRadio

Monday, August 20, 2012

Corruption in the Los Angeles County Civil Service Commission

The following is taken from the Los Angeles Civil Service Commission Website at:

“Welcome to Civil Service Commission. The Civil Service Commission is a Charter-mandated body charged with acting as the appellate body for major disciplinary actions, discharges, reductions, suspensions in excess of five days, and discrimination complaints filed by County employees within the Civil Service System. The Commission also hears appeals of scored portions of examinations. Additionally, the Civil Service Commission serves as the administrative appeals body for a number of cities that directly contract with the County.”

All of the members of the Commission are appointed by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors.

“To serve as an appellate body for appeal of allegations of political discrimination and for
discrimination based on race, sex, color, national origin, religious opinions or affiliations
or handicap made by County employees regardless of status, and by applicants for
employment, and discharges and reductions of permanent employees.”

The audio recording that I have published with this article is my appeal of the decision that was made by a Commission Hearing Officer John D. Harris, who is a former LA County Superior Court judge to sustain a 15 day suspension that was imposed on me by my former Regional Administrator Iris Courtney. Iris Courtney, is the Regional administrator of the Department of Children And Family Services offices at the Wateridge site in Los Angeles, California.

Her justification for my suspension was based on a detention (forced removal of minors) that I was involved with of several children from a Black American family in Los Angeles, California that occurred on February 9, 2011. A few weeks after this detention I was placed on desk duty for months by my Assistant Regional Administrator Edward Bielecki, with no explanation as to why I was under investigation other than I did not call the hotline. This "hotline" in DCFS is used for emergency situations.

Looking back I see why they kept me in the dark for so long. They were preventing me from doing an investigation and gathering evidence to defend myself. When all of the evidence came out against me, I found out that some affidavits had been filed against me from the social workers that worked with me on the detention and the two supervisors that were giving orders during the detention. 

After close examination of the documents, it is obvious that the description of the events of the two days in question were conflicting. Some very obvious perjuries could have been determined if Internal Affairs had done a proper investigation of all of the evidence that includes the cell phone records from all of the employees involved and by getting statements from the family that was the focus of the intervention to remove their children into foster care.

My former Regional Administrator Iris Courtney, testified at my Civil Service hearings that she reviewed all of the evidence against me and made the decision to issue a 15 day suspension without doing any kind of investigation or getting any statements from me about the events of the two days in question. 

Before I was suspended, I did come to her office to complain with my union representative that my Assistant Regional Administrator Edward Bielecki, had ordered a frame up job by the social workers and supervisors that were involved in the detention. Iris Courtney along with the manager of the Employee relations office and the manager of the Performance Management offices all said they were not going to take any actions to stop this corruption.

At the hearing that lasted three days, several social workers and two supervisors came to the hearings and lied under oath against me! The thing about it was that their testimony was stupid, very conflicting of each other and of their written statements. The county never did get the cell phone records or did an interview of the family that was involved in this sloppy detention. They also did not get the court report log of my direct supervisor Claudia McClain or any witness from the maintenance staff that were present that night!

To sum up their ridiculous testimony:

  •  They charged me with not calling the Hotline to have the children detained. 
    • None of the other social workers involved in the detention, the supervisors or the Assistant Regional Administrator called the Hotline but I was the only one that got suspended!
  •      The white social worker CSW Hagerty, stated that she did not know where I was during the detention.
    •  CSW Hagerty, had directed me to wait down the street until the police came. CSW Meighan testified that both of them told me to wait out of sight until the police came.
  •      They alleged that they could not reach me on my cell phone.
    •  Yet CSW Hagerty stated that she called me on my cell phone and she knew I was down the street.
  •      They alleged that I refused to do the detention court report.
    •  My supervisor McClain testified that I submitted a detention report by 5:00pm. She gave false testimony that my detention report was the only one that she worked on that night. Supervising social worker McClain had many court reports that she reviewed including one from Social Worker Meighan that night and that is why we were working on the report until about 12:00 AM the next day. Supervisor McClain testified that detention reports are never late in DCFS. Detention reports are late all of the time in DCFS and social workers do not get suspended for this.
  •       Meighan and my supervisor McClain, alleged that I was sleeping during the time that we were working on the court report.
    • Social worker Meighan testified that I was sleeping for hours and they could not wake me up and she did not know who got me out of the building. My supervisor McClain testified that I was asleep for about an hour and she could wake me up.        
After all of this ridiculous testimony that lasted for over 14 hours, the hearing officer John D. Harris, produced an idiotic “Hearing Officer’s Proposed Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Recommended Decision” that upheld my suspension and indicated that I was the only one with no credibility!

Perjury is a felony punishable by up to four years in state prison (Penal Code Sec. 126) & Code of Civil Procedure Sec. 2015.5(b).

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who is Watching Our Borders? Why There Should Be Cameras At All Border Stations!

San Ysidro Border Crossing

      I came down to San Diego during (8/11/12 to 8/12/12). I decided to go across the border to see Mexico and how Los Angeles is becoming more and more like Tijuana. When I crossed at the San Ysidro border crossing, I notice that there were not as many American tourists that are usually going down to the Tijuana clubs at night. I went down to see some of the clubs in downtown Tijuana and notice that there were fewer Americans in this part of the city now also. I believe that this is possibly due to the increase violence caused by drug cartels. I have been coming down to Tijuana for over 15 years. 

     After visiting a few clubs, I decided to return to the U.S. I took a taxi back to the border crossing at about 3:00 am from downtown Tijuana. When we arrived at the border station, there was a long line of Mexican people that stretched several blocks from the border. The taxi driver  informed me the line is for people going across the border. I never saw a line that long during the early morning hours and was dismayed when the driver told me the lines are longer during the daytime hours. 
So I walked to the back of the line. When I finally got to the border agents on the inside of the border station, I observed that they were just letting all of the Mexicans walk across after they just flashed some kind of card that looked like a driver's license. I observed also that most of the border patrol agents were Hispanic or some other kind of foreigner. 
When I approached the border agents at the border, they questioned where I was coming from and asked for my ID. After giving them my driver’s license, they stated I am required to have a passport. They scanned my passport into their computer system and looked at the screen for a moment. The Hispanic agent that was running a background check on me, could see that I have crossed the same border many times that year and that I am an American citizen. The agent typed a few notes into her computer, glanced at me a few times, and said, “ok, you can go.” Meanwhile, the other agents allowed about 50 Mexicans to just walk across the border without scanning their ID cards into their computer system.
The next day, I returned with my camera. When I arrived at the highway overpass that stretches past the immigration border station at San Yasidro, there was a long line of cars going in and out of Mexico. Most of them were Mexicans. I started taking pictures to use with my article, border agents saw me and began to chase me, so I packed up my camera and departed the area. 
My experience at the Mexican border during this trip is further evidence that our Border Patrol and I.C.E. are just allowing immigrants to pour over into this country freely. I do not believe a wall along the U.S.-Mexican border is going to stop the flood of illegal aliens and terrorists into this country as they have allowed for the past 12 years. Historically, people have been crossing that border, since CA was a part of Mexico. This is a major threat to the health and safety of American citizens and is highly illegal. For almost a year, I lived in what is considered a border town, El Paso, Texas in the 1990s. Los Angeles, California has become just like a “border town” now even though it is about 300 miles North of the Mexican border. I blame Bush and our I.C.E.  along with U.S. Border Patrol Agents along the U.S. Mexican border.

 San Diego Trolley
 Interstate 5 crossing into Mexico
The following is an article about San Ysidro from Wikipedia,_San_Diego
San Ysidro  is a community in the southern section of San Diego. It is located in the southernmost part of San Diego County, immediately north of the U.S.-Mexico border. It neighbors Otay Mesa West to the north,Otay Mesa to the east, and Nestor and the Tijuana River Valley to the west. Major thoroughfares include Beyer Boulevard and San Ysidro Boulevard.
San Ysidro is home to the world's busiest land border crossing, where U.S. Interstate 5 crosses into Mexico at Tijuana. In the 2005 U.S. fiscal year, more than 17 million vehicles and 50 million people entered the United States at the San Ysidro Port of Entry. The great majority of these are workers (both of Mexican and U.S. nationality) commuting from Tijuana to jobs in the greater San Diego area and throughout southern California. There is also reverse traffic, both of workers traveling to maquiladoras in Mexico and those purchasing services or seeking entertainment in Tijuana. Crossing times are often slow at San Ysidro, particularly for those entering the United States in cars. For this reason many cross on foot, the line for which is frequently much faster than the vehicle line. Some foot travelers own a car in each country, and keep them in one of the large parking lots located near the border post, or use the respective public transportation systems of both cities (both systems have a bus station built solely to serve the border crossing point, and the San Diego Trolley runs from downtown San Diego to the border crossing).

Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st & 2nd Generation Hispanic Terrorists Killing Blacks To Run Them Out of Their Own Country and Are Not Being Deported!

Cheryl Green R.I.P.

There was an article published in the Los Angeles Times News Paper recently by Sam Quinones, who is a writer for the  Los Angeles Times on June 22, 2012.
Man gets 238 years in L.A. hate-crime slaying of teenage girl
Prosecutors say Ernesto Alcarez, the last defendant in the killing of Cheryl Green, was the lookout for the gunman. The murder cast light on violence by Latino street gangs against blacks in the city.

You can read the full article about the Cheryl Green case by clicking the link below:

I consider a 238 year sentence an insult to every Black American in this county!
Why should this Hispanic Terrorist get to spend the rest of his life in jail at tax payers expense and his family allowed to remain in this country like they are American Citizens? How come he did not get the death penalty?

Back in 2007 I produced a series of videos of the demonstrations and community forums about the Cheryl Green murder and the revelations of the continued terrorist attacks on Black Americans by racist Hispanics to force them out of their own communities for my Justice Channel. Since then there have been more killings of Black Americans all over Los Angeles County by racist Hispanic gangs.

There was another high profile trial just recently for the Jamiel Shaw Jr. murder that was prosecuted by a candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney Bobby Grace. This illegal alien was allowed to be set free from Twin Towers jail just before he killed Jamiel Shaw Jr. even though he was an illegal alien and was arrested for a violent crime. During the trial the Deputy DA that prosecuted this illegal alien stated that “immigration has nothing to do with this crime” and did not even prosecute the two accomplices that were with this killer when he killed Jamiel Shaw Jr.

These immigration anarchy conditions that have been allowed to continue from the Bush Administrations until now in the Obama/Bush administration demonstrates the level of corruption in the U.S. Judicial system and the  federal government. It also demonstrates the blatant disregard for Civil Rights, Human Rights, employment laws as well as all laws that provide for the protections of Black American citizens in this country! This is obviously just institutalized racism and a form of Genocide of Black Americans in California.

All of the Black American politicians remain silent on this issue and will not take any actions to protect their own people. Like Mark Riddly-Thomas and Bernard Parks! Most of the Black Americans that I know in Los Angeles do not support any of the Black American politicians that are in the Los Angeles City Council or Mark Riddley-Thomas.  This is why there is such a low turn out during elections by the Black American population. There is no one for us to vote for.

I am sure that if we can change our election process to my design for a “instant result openly documented” system that US citizens can gain control over our election process in this country. My system along with sanctions for Network TV stations that would require them to give free broadcast time for all politicians will make a big change and help to end the corruption that is destroying this country!

Los Angeles Superior Courts Probate Department 11 Corruption

I am currently involved in a Probate case in the Los Angeles Superior Courts Department 11. The judge on my case now is  Judge Michael I. Levanas . He has allowed a criminal trustee/conservator to continue to steal hundreds of Thousands of dollars from my mother's estate and send it out of the country to pay for his house and living expenses in South Africa. He has also allowed a corrupt court appointed attorney to remain as my mother's court appointed PVP attorney after I have filed transcripts in court of the perjuries that she made in court to hide the crimes of the court appointed conservators over my mother. 

This PVP attorney Andrea Van Leesten, is currently under investigation by the California BAR Association. I am trying to get the FBI to investigate this corruption and file criminal charges.

There has been a recent article that was published in the Los Angeles Times Newspaper about another case under Judge Michael I. Levanas, that reflects similar corruption that he is practicing in my case. 

Just click on this link below to see the article:

This article by Harriet Ryan, of the  Los Angeles Times that was published on July 18, 2012 reports that  
"The Los Angeles County probate judge who oversees an elderly heiress' trust fund approved $50,000 in compensation Tuesday for a Kabbalah Centre official who is under criminal investigation for his handling of the woman's financial affairs."
"Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael I. Levanas, signed off on John E. Larkin's payment request without comment. The money covers work that Larkin, a veteran Hollywood financial advisor, performed last year as a trustee for an $11-million family trust fund benefiting 88-year-old Susan Strong Davis. The probate court approves such payments because the trust fund was set up by Davis' mother's will."

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Corruption In The Los Angeles County Department of Children & Family Services: The Wateridge Offices

     As an employee of the  Los Angeles County Department of children & Family Services (DCFS), we see a large sign that is posted in every lunch room in every field office and posted in other areas of DCFS offices. This sign reflects the Los Angeles County Policy of Equity as listed below:

The purpose of this Policy is intended to preserve the dignity and professionalism of the workplace as well as to protect the right of employees to be free from discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment (other than sexual), retaliation and inappropriate conduct toward others based on a protected status. Discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment (other than sexual), retaliation and inappropriate conduct toward others based on a protected status are absolutely contrary to the values of the County. Discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment, and retaliation are also illegal under local, county, state, and federal law.
The County will not tolerate discrimination, sexual harassment, unlawful harassment (other than sexual), or retaliation. As a preventive measure, the County also will not tolerate inappropriate conduct toward others based on a protected status even if the conduct does not meet the legal definition of discrimination or harassment.
You can read this policy in full on the LA County Equity Oversight Panel Website:

      Almost a year ago I came to present to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors a report of a very obvious case of retaliation against me that involved my Assistant Administrator, two supervisors and several  female co-workers. These DCFS Children's Social workers had submitted falsified affidavits that contained accusations against me about how I conducted myself during a "Detention" as we call it or otherwise known as removing children from their parents home. These affidavits that were signed under the penalty of perjury contained very idiotic, petty and conflicting accounts of what had occurred before, during and after the detention. 

    It is very obvious that they were just trying to "frame me up" on very shaky evidence that if it was all true, would also prove that they were in violation of LA County policies and Child Welfare laws!!!  If a proper investigation had been done on these original documents, it would have provided even more evidence that the accounts given in the affidavits were falsified!

     About six months before I gave this first report to the LA County Board of Supervisors, I had complained to the Director of LA County DCFS about how acts of retaliation and violations of county policy as well as violations of our  M.O.U. contract had been ignored in complaints that I had made to the offices of Affirmative Action Compliance, Employee Relations and to our Deputy Director Eric Marts. 

     After I reported their criminal misconduct to the LA County Board of Supervisors almost a year ago, I have been the target of continued retaliations and harassment by being subjected to constant  "Disciplinary Duress" that, I believe,  has been ordered by the Director of DCFS Eric Marts and his gang of Cubicle idiots that include the Regional Administrator of the DCFS Wateridge offices Iris Courteney, an the Assistant regional Administrator Edward Bielecki, two supervisors and several co-workers. All of these idiots were dumb enough to give false testimony at my Civil Service hearings this year while I was recording them in digital audio.................. To be continued. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Demonstration Against Corruption in The San Bernardino Courts

     The justice channel traveled to the city of San Bernardino to cover the Demonstration against the Probate court there by a group of citizens that are victims of our courts

     Some video  interviews were done by The Justice Channel of the victims of the San Bernardino courts. Many of these victims were involved in litigations in the court of Judge Welch.
Probate Demonstrators in San Bernardino

     Demonstrators then came to the courtroom of Judge Welch to monitor a Probate hearing that involved a court appointed fiduciary by the name of Melodie Scott, who has had several criminal complaints filed against her from other cases that she has been appointed to. She is seeking to take the house from someone that the conservatee SOLD the house to, twenty eight years ago. This is another example of her corrupt professional conduct toward an elderly lady  that she was appointed to care for with the help of Judge Michael Welch.  
Victim of Judge Michael Welch's Probate Court

     The judge decided to conduct discussions with the lawyers in the case in his chambers in secret because of the presence of the court monitors and demonstrators.

More information about this event is coming soon on The Justice Channel Blog as well as a featured video of the interviews of some of the victims of the Probate Court and the Family law courts.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Report From the Front Lines of 'Lawfare' in Riverside, CA

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today in Riverside Superior Court, Department 8, I attempted to execute a citizen’s arrest of an attorney.

Toni Eggebraaten, the attorney for the Family Trust for which I am a beneficiary, filed an accounting in which she attempted to obscure her embezzling thirty thousand dollars. Alarmed at the accounting, I had contacted a lawyer who surveyed the accountings and confirmed for me that she had, indeed, embezzled thirty grand and had attempted to hide her crime.

The court opened for business at 8:30 this morning. Probate Judge Thomas Cahraman announced he was going to shuffle the order of the docket and call the Phelan case first. He began by complimenting me on my writing ability, saying, “You must have some education.” He began to wax on about the cadence and lift to my writing style. He then noted that I had filed no objections to the petition by Eggebraaten.

Correction, I said. I wrote in my pleading that she embezzled thirty thousand dollars and that there is absolutely no point to my filing objections.

I wrote that you always find against me, no matter what I present to the court.

That’s not true, protested the judge. “I have made many decisions in your favor.”

Not a single one, I replied truthfully. And then I switched into high gear. “Toni Eggebraaten has embezzled thirty thousand dollars and I am therefore executing a citizen’s arrest. Bailiff, take Ms. Eggebraaten into custody."

The judge began to rattle on, ignoring what I had just said. "Excuse me", I said, "I am executing a citizen’s arrest. I am exercising my legal right to do so. Bailiff, please take Ms. Eggebraaten into custody."

“If you keep on this way I will revoke your right to appear by court call”, said the judge.

I repeated that I was executing a citizen’s arrest.

“Nothing you file ever has legal merit,” cried the judge.

“Really?” I said.” Look at my current filing. I have attached as an exhibit proof that the Trustee is attempting, through her accountant, to affix liability onto me for the taxes on the income to the Trust. This is a violation of Title 26 Section 641 of the US Code. Is that also lacking legal merit?”

"I am terminating this hearing," said Cahraman and hung up on me.

The pleadings in front of the judge delineated a number of laws violated in this case, including embezzlement, deprivation of rights under color of law and violations of the IRS code. By so obstructing my efforts to execute a citizen’s arrest on Toni Eggebraaten, the judge committed misprison of felony and obstruction of justice. He could also be considered an accessory after the fact to the thirty thousand she illegally pocketed.

The citizen’s arrest of Toni Eggebraaten will be taking place at a later date. There will also be an attempt to execute a citizen’s arrest of Judge Thomas Cahraman for his part in this pretense of justice.

One can play nice only so long. Like so many who are attempting to exact justice out of a turnip court, I have gone to court over and over only to be deprived of my rights to due process and of my rightful inheritance. The fact that at the core of this case lies a murder; the murder of my mother, Dr. Amalie Phelan, who was under a conservatorship overseen by this court, takes the issue to another level.

Title 18 Section 242 of the US code, Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law, may mandate the death penalty for a judge who so violates an individual’s rights. The deprivation of rights by a Riverside Superior Court judge resulted in my mother’s death. Also potentially invoking the death penalty is a murder committed in the course of another crime, such as theft. The continuing efforts by the court to cover up this murder and also to whitewash the theft of funds, which have gone to pay off Judith Phelan for her part in the murder of her mother, escalate this case into a death penalty matter -- for the involved judges and the lawyers who are stealing to pay off matricide. Judith, by the way, has changed her name to Anna Bloom in order to mitigate unwanted attention since she made off like a bandit. Judith/Anna is now residing in the San Francisco Bay area.

Here are the closing remarks in the pleadings that were in front of the judge today:

“At some future date, historians will look back on this period in the United States as the equivalent of a Dark Ages in terms of political oppression, evidenced in part by corruption of the legal system. Indeed, some authors, such as Morris Berman and Chris Hedges, are already so declaring this. The actions by this particular court in this specific case aptly demonstrate the genteel brutality of a Pretender Court, a court which is operating in violation of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is a court of privilege and abuse, of murder and theft, not a court of law.

I declare under penalty of perjury that this court is rogue and is not operating as a lawful, unbiased and honorable court of law. Its decisions and actions do not reflect the law of the United States of America or the State of California. The proceedings are sham proceedings. The theft and abuse, however, are quite real.”

The time has come for the citizens of the United States to rise up against judicial oppression. I strongly suggest that community groups come together and start executing citizens’ arrests of judges, magistrates and commissioners who violate the Constitution. The time is long past for pleadings and prayers to courts which are hell-bent on murder and theft.

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Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist whose articles have appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The San Bernardino County Sentinel, The Santa Monica Daily Press, The Long Beach Press Telegram, Oui Magazine and other regional and national publications. Janet specializes in issues pertaining to legal corruption and addresses the heated subject of adult conservatorship, revealing shocking information about the relationships between courts and shady financial consultants. She also covers issues relating to international bioweapons treaties. Her poetry has been published in Gambit, Libera, Applezaba Review, Nausea One and other magazines. Her first book, The Hitler Poems, was published in 2005. She currently resides abroad. You may browse through her articles (and poetry) at

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Commentary On The Trayvon Martin Atrocity

The Trayvon Martin murder has broken out many issues in this country and opened many old wounds for Black Americans. It only demonstrates that in this year of 2012, that Black Americans still do not receive equal protection under Any laws! The “under cover” declaration of “open season” on Black Americans by the Bush Family Regime still continues and is becoming more blatant by law enforcement and our judicial system. This has been occurring all across this country and has become even more intense since the last Bush was in office. The fact that we have a Black American for President does not seem to matter at all! As far as I am concerned, this is just Bush’s 3rd term.  

Now in 2012 we see this Presidential "TV Show Selection" of Republican only candidates, that have not said any thing at all about what they are going to do for Black Americans! Just before this sick Presidential “TV Show Selection” started last year, the whole country saw the lynching of Troy Davis, by our judicial system. Our Black American President Barack Obama, said nothing about it and took no actions to stop it. He was more concerned about releasing known illegal alien Mexican murders than with trying to prevent this atrocity against Black Americans! Even Clarence Thomas, the only Black American on the U.S. Supreme court said nothing about this judicial system atrocity! It is as though the Bush Family Regime has made sure that only their “type-cast” Porch Monkeys can only attain these high positions in America. These porch monkeys has turned their backs on Black Americans and are traitors to this country!

Obama -  Condoleezza Rice - Clarence Thomas 

The Trayvon Martin case is only one case that has received national attention. There are many others going on now in this country that have not gained exposure in the main stream media. In California we have seen similar  atrocities occurring on a regular basis. There is a case going on now in the city of Pasadena where a Black man was shot by police after an illegal alien gave false reports to 911 operators that he was armed. The DA refused to file criminal charges against this illegal alien and he was also released on his immigration violations and not deported! Before this one, there was the Oscar Grant murder by a BART Cop in Oakland, California. They moved his trial all the way down here to Los Angeles, California so our District Attorney Steve Cooley, could fix up the case for this dirty cop Johannes Mehserle. Mehserle was convicted for involuntary manslaughter only and only served one year in the Los Angeles County Twin Towers facility and was released. Years before that in 2005, there was the Devin Brown, murder by a LAPD Hispanic cop and Steve Cooley refused to even try to file criminal charges against him!
Steve Cooley

LAPD is totally corrupt now 20 years after the Los Angeles Riots! It is dominated by racist 1st and 2nd generation illegal alien Hispanic cops that are roaming around Los Angeles County framing-up, shooting-up and beating-up Black Americans! LAPD is blatantly practicing illegal discrimination in employment of its officers against Black Americans and has a majority of Hispanic officers that even out number Whites! These racist Hispanic cops are working in concert with the racist White officers like police chief Beck, to decimate Black American communities and only enforce the “Fascist Status Quo” all over Los Angeles County. This writer is a personal victim of LAPD crimes and has seen first hand how these Hispanic and White officers will refuse to accept my citizen’s arrest and will most often not even take a police report from a Black American Citizen.