Sunday, April 8, 2012

Commentary On The Trayvon Martin Atrocity

The Trayvon Martin murder has broken out many issues in this country and opened many old wounds for Black Americans. It only demonstrates that in this year of 2012, that Black Americans still do not receive equal protection under Any laws! The “under cover” declaration of “open season” on Black Americans by the Bush Family Regime still continues and is becoming more blatant by law enforcement and our judicial system. This has been occurring all across this country and has become even more intense since the last Bush was in office. The fact that we have a Black American for President does not seem to matter at all! As far as I am concerned, this is just Bush’s 3rd term.  

Now in 2012 we see this Presidential "TV Show Selection" of Republican only candidates, that have not said any thing at all about what they are going to do for Black Americans! Just before this sick Presidential “TV Show Selection” started last year, the whole country saw the lynching of Troy Davis, by our judicial system. Our Black American President Barack Obama, said nothing about it and took no actions to stop it. He was more concerned about releasing known illegal alien Mexican murders than with trying to prevent this atrocity against Black Americans! Even Clarence Thomas, the only Black American on the U.S. Supreme court said nothing about this judicial system atrocity! It is as though the Bush Family Regime has made sure that only their “type-cast” Porch Monkeys can only attain these high positions in America. These porch monkeys has turned their backs on Black Americans and are traitors to this country!

Obama -  Condoleezza Rice - Clarence Thomas 

The Trayvon Martin case is only one case that has received national attention. There are many others going on now in this country that have not gained exposure in the main stream media. In California we have seen similar  atrocities occurring on a regular basis. There is a case going on now in the city of Pasadena where a Black man was shot by police after an illegal alien gave false reports to 911 operators that he was armed. The DA refused to file criminal charges against this illegal alien and he was also released on his immigration violations and not deported! Before this one, there was the Oscar Grant murder by a BART Cop in Oakland, California. They moved his trial all the way down here to Los Angeles, California so our District Attorney Steve Cooley, could fix up the case for this dirty cop Johannes Mehserle. Mehserle was convicted for involuntary manslaughter only and only served one year in the Los Angeles County Twin Towers facility and was released. Years before that in 2005, there was the Devin Brown, murder by a LAPD Hispanic cop and Steve Cooley refused to even try to file criminal charges against him!
Steve Cooley

LAPD is totally corrupt now 20 years after the Los Angeles Riots! It is dominated by racist 1st and 2nd generation illegal alien Hispanic cops that are roaming around Los Angeles County framing-up, shooting-up and beating-up Black Americans! LAPD is blatantly practicing illegal discrimination in employment of its officers against Black Americans and has a majority of Hispanic officers that even out number Whites! These racist Hispanic cops are working in concert with the racist White officers like police chief Beck, to decimate Black American communities and only enforce the “Fascist Status Quo” all over Los Angeles County. This writer is a personal victim of LAPD crimes and has seen first hand how these Hispanic and White officers will refuse to accept my citizen’s arrest and will most often not even take a police report from a Black American Citizen.