Monday, January 30, 2017


     Our new president Donal Trump, has shown that he is a man of his word during his first week in the White House as president. He has signed many executive orders against immigration in his first week. His temporary ban on Muslims has been exploding with demonstrations all across this country. Los Angeles, California has been no exception. Los Angeles has the largest Iranian population outside of Bagdad in the world!
     The demonstrations against this ban in Los Angeles started on January 29, 2017, at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). There was a huge crowd that formed at the Tom Bradley International Terminal that consisted of mostly Whites and foreigners that are against this ban on Muslims.  The Justice Channel was there to cover this protest!!

Demonstrators Against Trump Ban on Muslims at LAX

  When The Justice Channel arrived at the location of the demonstrations, the crowd could be heard from the LAX parking lots that are across the street from the Tom Bradley International terminals. TJC observed that most of the TSA agents were Hispanics and that most of the LAPD officers were White and Hispanics.  There has been no mention from the corporate network TV stations news coverage of this event that most of the LAX employees and taxi drivers are foreigners! TJC also observed that there was a lack of security at this event at the airport. People were allowed to enter the parking lots and come to the airport terminals with no screenings at all!   

The noise from the crowd and the size of the crowd can be heard and seen in the video clip below:


     There was a small group of supporters for the ban on Muslim immigration at this event. TJC observed and documented that these supporters were constantly subjected to assaults and intimidations by many of the anti-ban protesters that surrounded them across the street. LAPD officers formed a line in front of these supporters but did not take any actions to protect them when they witnessed assaults on them by anti-ban protesters. One of the Donal Trump supporters in the picture below is Channel Temple, who is associated with The Forgotten Americans Network and other organizations that support President Trump, and immigration control!

Sister Temple at LAX Anti-Ban Protest

LAPD & Pro-Ban Supporter At LAX

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Service Employees International Union SEIU 721 -- THE TIJUANA LABOR UNION

SEIU 721 was the union that represented the social workers that worked for the LA County DCFS (Department of Children & Family Services) while I was working for them from 2007 until 2012. I was very active with them during this time and I produced several promotional videos of their so-called rallies to protest the corruption in Los Angeles County and the state of California. The video below is one of the videos that I produced of a rally for LA County DCFS Social Workers.

One issue that is very apparent about SEIU Local 721 is that they have many Hispanics working for them. I would say that there are more Hispanics working for SEIU in Los Angeles than Black Americans! I have witnessed also that SEIU continues to do rallies for industries like the hotel workers, taxi drivers, airport workers and hospital nurses that have run most of the Black Americans out of these industries and continues to practice illegal discrimination against American Negroes in hiring! They will not speak against the fact that many of these employees that have run Black Americans out of entire industries are illegal aliens that are receiving employment rights representations from SEIU!

In one of their Email newsletters to SEIU members this year, key members have made the following statements:
“Trump’s anti-worker, anti-immigrant, anti-women, anti-civil rights rhetoric is nothing new,” said Adolfo Granados, an LA County public worker and member of SEIU Local 721. “For decades we’ve been told that working people’s voices don’t matter, that corporate profits are more valuable than the health and well- being of our communities. But our movements have shown something completely different: from Black Lives Matter, to the Fight for $15 and a union, to the fight for comprehensive immigration reform and action on climate change, we are continually demonstrating our commitment to countering hate with inclusiveness. Now is the time to build an even stronger commitment to our collective fight.”

“Together we’ve built a diverse, national movement of working families that has shifted our nation’s political discourse around the state of injustice and inequality in our economy,” said SEIU Local 721 Chief of Staff Gilda Valdez. “Our fight for economic, immigrant, racial, and environmental justice has never hinged on elected officials in Sacramento or Washington. Together, our collective power has led the way for historic victories for working people in California and across the country, and we’re not stopping. We know that we are stronger together, and that love will trump hate.”

In their rhetoric, the only mention of support for Black Americans has been for the "Black Lives Matter" organization. I have been to several Black Lives matter rallies in LA and provided video documentation of these rallies for Black American justice but I have not seen any major SEIU member rallies advocating for the rights of Black Americans!

The picture below is the president of SEIU Local 721 Bob Schoonover (the White man)

Here are some more pictures of the preferred "Bush relatives" members of SEIU 721

I have applied many times to SEIU 721 for employment before and after I was run out of DCFS for whistleblowing about the corruption in the Wateridge LA County DCFS offices. 
I have never been hired! 

Most recently I have applied to positions that are managed by Hispanics and not been hired. I am very qualified and I have experience with SEIU 721 producing media for them. They do not want me as an employee because I have the reputation of advocating against immigration anarchy and for the rights of the American Negro in employment law.

I have filed complaints to the DFEH about SEIU 721 and other companies that I have worked for alleging illegal discrimination against Black Americans for Hispanics. DFEH has refused to even investigate and will lie on their investigation reports to protect these companies that have run American Negroes out for Hispanics!