Monday, January 30, 2017


     Our new president Donal Trump, has shown that he is a man of his word during his first week in the White House as president. He has signed many executive orders against immigration in his first week. His temporary ban on Muslims has been exploding with demonstrations all across this country. Los Angeles, California has been no exception. Los Angeles has the largest Iranian population outside of Bagdad in the world!
     The demonstrations against this ban in Los Angeles started on January 29, 2017, at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). There was a huge crowd that formed at the Tom Bradley International Terminal that consisted of mostly Whites and foreigners that are against this ban on Muslims.  The Justice Channel was there to cover this protest!!

Demonstrators Against Trump Ban on Muslims at LAX

  When The Justice Channel arrived at the location of the demonstrations, the crowd could be heard from the LAX parking lots that are across the street from the Tom Bradley International terminals. TJC observed that most of the TSA agents were Hispanics and that most of the LAPD officers were White and Hispanics.  There has been no mention from the corporate network TV stations news coverage of this event that most of the LAX employees and taxi drivers are foreigners! TJC also observed that there was a lack of security at this event at the airport. People were allowed to enter the parking lots and come to the airport terminals with no screenings at all!   

The noise from the crowd and the size of the crowd can be heard and seen in the video clip below:


     There was a small group of supporters for the ban on Muslim immigration at this event. TJC observed and documented that these supporters were constantly subjected to assaults and intimidations by many of the anti-ban protesters that surrounded them across the street. LAPD officers formed a line in front of these supporters but did not take any actions to protect them when they witnessed assaults on them by anti-ban protesters. One of the Donal Trump supporters in the picture below is Channel Temple, who is associated with The Forgotten Americans Network and other organizations that support President Trump, and immigration control!

Sister Temple at LAX Anti-Ban Protest

LAPD & Pro-Ban Supporter At LAX

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