Tuesday, March 1, 2016


     There was a presentation by representatives from the Cumulus Transit Oriented/ Mixed –Use Project during the General West Adams Neighborhood Council meeting on January 25, 2016. I believe this project will have a significant impact on the local communities in that area.  Parts of the presentations were recorded with my camera. This project did receive approval by the WANC board at this meeting. I did request that the board generate a community impact statement for this project.
  The group made a presentation to the WANC’s Land Use Committee the previous week. I voiced my main concern that Black Americans, will not benefit economically with jobs or business contracts as well as construction contracts in this project. I did ask the Cumulus representative  as well as Kimani Black, the deputy of Los Angeles City Councilman Herb Wesson, what measures are they going to take to make sure Blacks, especially those who lived in the neighborhood, will be properly represented in this project. They did not provide any plans or guarantees. Future meeting will be held on this project at the WANC.
  We were informed at this meeting that Cumulus, has other developments in downtown Los Angeles. I was in the area that they mentioned near the freeway of downtown LA a few months ago for a doctor appointment. I did notice the new housing developments and commercial office spaces in these developments. I noticed also that the doctor’s office that I came to had an all Hispanic staff. As I was walking to my doctor’s office I noticed some other medical offices in the commercial spaces had all Hispanics working in them. After my doctor’s appointment, I walked across the street to a corner market store. There were all Hispanics operating this store. 

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