Friday, June 22, 2012

Demonstration Against Corruption in The San Bernardino Courts

     The justice channel traveled to the city of San Bernardino to cover the Demonstration against the Probate court there by a group of citizens that are victims of our courts

     Some video  interviews were done by The Justice Channel of the victims of the San Bernardino courts. Many of these victims were involved in litigations in the court of Judge Welch.
Probate Demonstrators in San Bernardino

     Demonstrators then came to the courtroom of Judge Welch to monitor a Probate hearing that involved a court appointed fiduciary by the name of Melodie Scott, who has had several criminal complaints filed against her from other cases that she has been appointed to. She is seeking to take the house from someone that the conservatee SOLD the house to, twenty eight years ago. This is another example of her corrupt professional conduct toward an elderly lady  that she was appointed to care for with the help of Judge Michael Welch.  
Victim of Judge Michael Welch's Probate Court

     The judge decided to conduct discussions with the lawyers in the case in his chambers in secret because of the presence of the court monitors and demonstrators.

More information about this event is coming soon on The Justice Channel Blog as well as a featured video of the interviews of some of the victims of the Probate Court and the Family law courts.

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