Sunday, July 29, 2012

1st & 2nd Generation Hispanic Terrorists Killing Blacks To Run Them Out of Their Own Country and Are Not Being Deported!

Cheryl Green R.I.P.

There was an article published in the Los Angeles Times News Paper recently by Sam Quinones, who is a writer for the  Los Angeles Times on June 22, 2012.
Man gets 238 years in L.A. hate-crime slaying of teenage girl
Prosecutors say Ernesto Alcarez, the last defendant in the killing of Cheryl Green, was the lookout for the gunman. The murder cast light on violence by Latino street gangs against blacks in the city.

You can read the full article about the Cheryl Green case by clicking the link below:

I consider a 238 year sentence an insult to every Black American in this county!
Why should this Hispanic Terrorist get to spend the rest of his life in jail at tax payers expense and his family allowed to remain in this country like they are American Citizens? How come he did not get the death penalty?

Back in 2007 I produced a series of videos of the demonstrations and community forums about the Cheryl Green murder and the revelations of the continued terrorist attacks on Black Americans by racist Hispanics to force them out of their own communities for my Justice Channel. Since then there have been more killings of Black Americans all over Los Angeles County by racist Hispanic gangs.

There was another high profile trial just recently for the Jamiel Shaw Jr. murder that was prosecuted by a candidate for Los Angeles District Attorney Bobby Grace. This illegal alien was allowed to be set free from Twin Towers jail just before he killed Jamiel Shaw Jr. even though he was an illegal alien and was arrested for a violent crime. During the trial the Deputy DA that prosecuted this illegal alien stated that “immigration has nothing to do with this crime” and did not even prosecute the two accomplices that were with this killer when he killed Jamiel Shaw Jr.

These immigration anarchy conditions that have been allowed to continue from the Bush Administrations until now in the Obama/Bush administration demonstrates the level of corruption in the U.S. Judicial system and the  federal government. It also demonstrates the blatant disregard for Civil Rights, Human Rights, employment laws as well as all laws that provide for the protections of Black American citizens in this country! This is obviously just institutalized racism and a form of Genocide of Black Americans in California.

All of the Black American politicians remain silent on this issue and will not take any actions to protect their own people. Like Mark Riddly-Thomas and Bernard Parks! Most of the Black Americans that I know in Los Angeles do not support any of the Black American politicians that are in the Los Angeles City Council or Mark Riddley-Thomas.  This is why there is such a low turn out during elections by the Black American population. There is no one for us to vote for.

I am sure that if we can change our election process to my design for a “instant result openly documented” system that US citizens can gain control over our election process in this country. My system along with sanctions for Network TV stations that would require them to give free broadcast time for all politicians will make a big change and help to end the corruption that is destroying this country!

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