Sunday, July 29, 2012

Los Angeles Superior Courts Probate Department 11 Corruption

I am currently involved in a Probate case in the Los Angeles Superior Courts Department 11. The judge on my case now is  Judge Michael I. Levanas . He has allowed a criminal trustee/conservator to continue to steal hundreds of Thousands of dollars from my mother's estate and send it out of the country to pay for his house and living expenses in South Africa. He has also allowed a corrupt court appointed attorney to remain as my mother's court appointed PVP attorney after I have filed transcripts in court of the perjuries that she made in court to hide the crimes of the court appointed conservators over my mother. 

This PVP attorney Andrea Van Leesten, is currently under investigation by the California BAR Association. I am trying to get the FBI to investigate this corruption and file criminal charges.

There has been a recent article that was published in the Los Angeles Times Newspaper about another case under Judge Michael I. Levanas, that reflects similar corruption that he is practicing in my case. 

Just click on this link below to see the article:

This article by Harriet Ryan, of the  Los Angeles Times that was published on July 18, 2012 reports that  
"The Los Angeles County probate judge who oversees an elderly heiress' trust fund approved $50,000 in compensation Tuesday for a Kabbalah Centre official who is under criminal investigation for his handling of the woman's financial affairs."
"Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael I. Levanas, signed off on John E. Larkin's payment request without comment. The money covers work that Larkin, a veteran Hollywood financial advisor, performed last year as a trustee for an $11-million family trust fund benefiting 88-year-old Susan Strong Davis. The probate court approves such payments because the trust fund was set up by Davis' mother's will."


  1. My blog is dedicated to the loving memory of Mr. Thelsey L. Fuller and Mrs. Edwina J. Fuller, victims of elder abuse, financial elder abuse, fraud and undue influence.

    And to past, present and future victims of Elder Abuse.

    Judge Levanas failed to grant a court order freezing the bank accounts of the victims named above which resulted in the immediate withdrawal of over $239,000.00 by their abusers.
    An Elder is Being Abused Right Now!

    1. Michael L. Levanas was a judge on my sister's conservatorship case. She was under the public guardian. He showed bias in their favor to the detriment of my sister. He wouldn't even look at the photos of the abuse and neglect she sustained in the nursing home. He just wanted to protect the office of the public guardian and the nursing home who lied about my character and advocacy on my sister's behalf. He severely limited my ability to see her as well as my ability to complain about her neglectful care. My sister Shirley Jean Stevenson accidentally choked to death in a subpar nursing home on March 1, 2014. I feel Levanas' rulings contributed to my sister's untimely death. I want to get a group together to get nationwide attention to what happened to my sister so that I can stop the injustices in his courtroom and by the public guardian and County Counsel, and to make a difference in the lives of other. If anyone is interested to know more and to start a meaningful nationwide movement to stop the abuse and neglect in nursing homes, in the Courts, and in the Public Guardian's Office, please email me at

    2. Time to raise a big stink at the State legislature. The Probate Court is a breeding ground for corruption. The more noise we make and the more light we shine on that corrupt group of judges and lawyers the sooner the problems will be solved. Too many harmed seniors and their good family members.

  2. Ben A. Marine, I am Dr. Priscilla Reed, I witness Judge Levanas, abuse his powers in a probate will case of a 70 plus year old man. Judge Levanas and Attorney Brooks, did a set aside on a house willed to the 70 plus year old man, in this case,Judge Levanas allowed, Attorney Brooks to steal and sell the 70 plus year old man property (house). I refuse to believe and accept the fact, that our judicial justice system will turn a blind eye and downward sword in the corruption of Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Michael I. Levanas and Attorney Brooks and the Auctioneers schemers used to buy and sell our elderly, deceased, and disabled people inheritance .
    Dr.Priscilla and 424 354-7067

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  4. My sons SNT has seen a lot of corruption from Judge Steele and when his case was transferred over to Los Angeles we got Div 11 and then Lebanese heard the case and said I needed to file by January 10th to have the objection heard . We arrive in Div 11 today to be heard and Judge Steele was on the bench and wouldn't even hear my objections and grants over 20,000.00 for the first accounting period to the Public Guardians office. Then more money to Attorney Leanne Maillian

  5. I wrote Levanas a letter to review the SNT case. As he is the Supervising Judge. But it's doubtful he'll do anything. How can a bunch of us wronged by Div 11 go and get Justice? Supreme Court? 60 minutes? Picketing ? Changing probate laws?

    1. Rebecca Martens, we will have to make advances with all of these! Including filing criminal charges against these dirty judges in Probate Dept. 11. This is just run away corruption! I am working on another article to update the crimes committed against me in my probate case. I am willing to organize a demonstration to try to get the main stream media to come out to give exposure to our victimizations. Citizens should be able to vote these dirty judges out and to make some serious changes to our judicial system!!!

    2. Count me in. I want to do the same thing! Read my blog above.

    3. Probate system and trusts need to be abolished. They are no longer serving their purpose to protect and help the vulnerable. Transfer on death only of real and personal property. Videotape all senior wishes with neutral non benefiting third party. Immediate access to all probate hearings via the internet in real time. The corrupt thrive in secrecy and non disclosure. Time to shine the light on their nefarious activities and demand that they follow the law.

      Problem is not the Probate and Senior Welfare statutes. The problem is enforcement of those laws on the local level. All nursing homes should have the same internet exposure. Better yet close them down and have community based support. No seniors want to live in those incarceration zones. They are afraid that their families will placed them there if the seniors don't give the real property and assets to those who would prey on the goodness of elders. The shameful part in many cases it is their own family members.

  6. We do need to lobby Sacramento for more reforms of the probate court system. Trust laws are good and are designed to keep assets out of the Probate court. The problem is with these corrupt judges in the probate court system. Voters need to take away their immunity and to have jury trials in the probate court along with proper legal representation for all probate court litigants. These probate lawyers are charging exorbitant fees that are not appropriate for this type of litigation. Victims of the probate courts need to organize and speak out against the "Probate Court Rachet!!!

  7. Trust laws are a problem. Too many and conflicting. Trusts can easily be altered to profit corrupt lawyers who "assist" corrupt heirs to misappropriate real property and assets. Orange County lawyer who knew how the "system" works, one has to be "deaf, dumb and blind" not to, defrauded many seniors and their heirs until his egregious behavior was even "too much" for a corrupt system to bear.

    Lawyers who corrupted the Probate system, these corrupt judges are "lawyers" part of the good ol' boys network, conned the populace to enter the new Trust "save you from Probate" latest con. These unscrupulous "lawyers", may as well call them "vultures", get good intentioned seniors to sign over all they own in the world into these trust products. Lawyers are selling items they know full well they will profit from in the end. It’s a con- a gaming process on the unsuspecting senior citizens and their, now defenseless, innocent family members. The corrupt heirs who collude with these corrupt lawyers fuel the system. The icing on the cake is corrupt probate judges who give all wrongdoers a free pass.

    First step, these “lawyers” formulate wills and trusts. Small change compared to the large pay out upon sale of these Trust properties on death of the Settlor (trust initiator). Second, the litigation just makes the “gravy train” and the mess they “actually create” sweeter. We need to physically go up to Sacramento as a group. Get hearing in front of legislature. Demand immediate arrest of these corrupt “public servants” and dissolution of this corrupt system.

    Transfer on death (TOD) is one part of the solution.

  8. Still fighting and the Los Angeles Public Guardian's Office (PGO)keeps running up thousands and thousands of debt for my minor son's Special Needs Trust LP 014 237
    I am trying to Appeal Judge Murphy as he blindly does whatever the PGO requests even if it's harmful to a crippled 14 year old. July is the second accounting the debt to the PGO will increase. He still owes 13,000.00 from the first accounting two years ago.
    They call his trust and ill-trust as his annuities can't cover the PGO fees. Yet they won't allow me his mother to manage the trust. As after the fees get high enough they'll put his house up for auction and recoupe fees. Corruption

  9. My name is Marybeth Johnson, and I am desperately pleading with anyone for help. We,(my mom, Doris, 89 years young) and myself, as we are being victimized by dept. 11 (probate court), and are trying to get some help. The new County Counsel, Neidra Jenkins, who has replaced June Quan( a very nice lady) has just sent us a motion to remove our choice as conservator of the person, and take over the entire estate, for reasons that make no sense, and are based on lies told by my brother, and my mothers own PVP attorney, Howard Gold. Who informed me after milking my moms estate for the past 2 years,that he is no longer her attorney, and when I told Ms. Jenkins that we have an attorney we found and need to retain, she told me NO. I asked why, and she said "she doesn't have the capacity" My mother is as sharp as tack, smart as a whip, and is in no way incapacitated. They have been jerking her around since 2011, ever since my older brother Craig stole her only home out from under her, via: reverse morgtage, without her consent, along with the help of a dirty brooker, and a slew of corrupt officials from dept.11,and then Fidelity Federal, who still has whats left of the only money in the world that she has. We havnt had access to her soc. sec. or her pension in over 2 years, and Ive been supporting us with no resources at all. I thought we were in the clear when these creatons from dept. 11 finally let us have our old family friend Doc have the conservatorship of the person, but this new county counsel Jenkins , said that they intend on removing him, taking over my moms estate, and reoving us from the trust my mom had done in 2006,., How can she do this? If she'd read the file, like she said, shed have known that Howard Gold did nothing to recover her estate, purposely dragged the proceedings on for over a year for more billable hours, and when I confronted him, he lied to a corrupt judge, and told him to sign an order removing my mom from her home, to a secured facility, because she was in mortal danger because of the vicious pit bulls that live here. Well thank god the previous conservator at the public gaurdians office Malik, knew this was a lie, so did the court investigator, and Howard was reported to APS for elder abuse. Ms Jenkins insisited that we reinstate Mr. Gold, and forget about this private attorney we want. I am reporting them all to the state bar, for starters, then Im going to the supreme court with documented proof that the probate circus we are subjected to is out of control, with no one to stop them, and are blatently stealing peoples homes, their lives, their dignity, and dont give a ratts ass who knows. Its unbelievable!!! I am furious that its been going on this long, and my Momma is getting worse from the stress and abuse that they keep throwing at her. She is stronger than they know, and knows exactly what they are trying to do, and will not lay down and die for them, and anyone.Lets stop them, NOW!!!! Any person who wants a fierce allied friend who needs to end this madness, call me!! My # is 818 251-0584, or email me at

  10. Greetings TJC & members! Fight On!

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