Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Uncle Toms Like Larry Elder and Fascist Propaganda

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These filthy Presidential Campaign TV shows are getting worse and more insulting to the intelligence of American Citizens and especially Black American Citizens that are not Uncle Toms, Sambos, or Porch Monkeys like Larry Elder. The Republican Party should have been outlawed after eight years of the last Bush (The Gimp) who did nothing but help to destroy this country! The father of "Papa Bush" Prescott Bush, was a Nazi and supported Hitler during World War II.   Like father like son! This idiot low life Nazi is the hero of the Republican Party. This is nothing but a testament to their corruption!
The Gimp

Now FOX News that is owned by an Iranian that supports terrorism, is parading a "Chicken Pecking" Sambo around who is professing that there is no Racism against Black Americans in this country and that Republicans are not in any way Fascist!  Larry Elder is getting paid for this! He is nothing but a lying two bit Uncle Tom! Why is it that FOX News will not let other Blacks Speak out about what is going on with Black Americans today like me?  Larry Elder is doing nothing but disseminating Fascist styled Propaganda flat out lies!

Larry Elder and Uncle Toms like  Obama, are the enemy of Black Americans! You will not hear Larry Elder say on FOX News or his radio show on KABC Radio, that the last Bush administration declared "Open Season" on Black Americans and has allowed the Judicial system and all law enforcement agencies to Frame-up, Beat-up, Kill and rail-road Black Americans into prison concentration camps all across this country with impunity!!!! Our President Obama is just the same! The Democratic and Republican Parties have made it very clear that they both intend to do more for Mexicans than for Black Americans in the next four years!

I have contacted FOX news demanding that they give me equal time and pay to express my view points about the Republican Party and the decimation of Black Americans in this country. I will give a full report on the response if any, that I get from them on this Blog.

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