Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ethnic Cleansing of Black Americans In California

51 indicted in Azusa gang's 'terrorizing' of blacks 
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In June of 2011 we see the wife of Obama come to Los Angeles, California and said nothing about the Oscar Grant killing by a dirty cop who was just released from jail by a judge that is racist against Black Americans, while she was here in Los Angeles . Obama was in Puerto Rico kissing up to the Hispanics again and said nothing about what is going on with Black Americans in Los Angeles, California. The First Lady also said nothing about the Ethnic Cleaning that is going on in the city of Azuza or the city of Bell while she was here. She just looks all smiley like nothing bad is happening to Black Americans by Terrorist Hispanics that are over here illegally!

How come Larry Elder is not talking about this? How come John & Ken are not saying nothing about this?

Allegedly an Azusa street gang's campaign against blacks began during a meeting at a local park in 1992. How come they do not call them illegal aliens?
From there, prosecutors contend, the predominantly Latino street gang went on the attack.
Graffiti with racial epithets began appearing around town, including "Get out Nigger" sprayed on garage doors of some black residents. Gang members allegedly beat up blacks they found in their "territory," telling one man "We hate niggers in Azusa. This is Azusa." How come they are not getting deported? Under Obama/Bush Immigration Anchachy if an illegal ailien comittis a crime local law enforcement can call out I.C.E.

Document: Azusa 13 indictment

For over  15 years, blacks were assaulted, chased and robbed, their property vandalized, in a "crime spree to drive African Americans out of the city of Azusa," said U.S. Atty. Andre Birotte Jr.

What they did not say is that the Hispanics on the City Council did not do anything to stop this or say anything about it? What about the Black American Politicians?
This is the Black American Nightmare!!!!

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