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George Bushes’ Obama is Steve Cooley’s Jackie Lacey!


Los Angeles County Board of   Supervisors 1/20/2015

The first of a series of presentations to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors concerning the need to recall Jackie Lacey was made on January 20, 2015 from The Justice Channel.

Jackie Lacey

A report and commentary was published on the Internet radio show for the Justice Channel two years ago about the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office campaign. The report also  included a recording of the candidates’ forum at the Los Angeles office of the SEIU 721 Union Committee On Political Education (COPE) meetings . The current Los Angeles District Attorney, Jackie Lacey, was one of the candidates at this forum. I was able to ask some questions of these candidates. Their responses were not adequate as far as I was concerned because they had no substantive solutions for lack of law enforcement protections for the American Negro in Los Angeles County. 
Steve Cooley
I felt that Jackie Lacey was only going to follow the legacy of the former Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley, who proved to be very racist against Black Americans in his support of police crimes against American Negroes in Los Angeles. His support for crimes committed by the police includes his refusal to prosecute the Hispanic LAPD officer that killed Devine Brown and  changing the venue of the Oscar Grant case to Los Angeles, California specifically for Cooley to get one of his criminal judge cohorts to issue a lighter sentence for the dirty cop that killed Grant.
In 2014 it appears that Jackie Lacey, is following the racist legacy of Steve Cooley. She still has not tried to file any charges against LA County Sheriff’s  Deputies. Furthermore, she has done nothing for the murder of Ezell Ford by LAPD, even though the lawyer for the Ford family Attorney Fred Sayre, has witness testimonies that refute the account of the LAPD officers  who killed Ezell Ford. There is enough evidence to file criminal charges against these officers. Jackie Lacey, has also done nothing so far about Marlene Pinnock, who was the woman in the California highway patrol beating case. All of these were very high profile cases.

Clarence Thomas
Some of the biggest “sell-out” Negroes are the ones who work in our courts, practice law and sitting judges. They know the law and just like the supreme judicial “House Nigga”, Clarence Thomas, refuses to enforce the law for the American Negro. They will not even speak out against the atrocities that are being perpetrated against the American Negro in the U.S. Judicial System as well as all law enforcement agencies. Obama is another prime example of this type of “Sambo” judicial “House Nigga” politician!
Jackie Lacey seems to be no exception. I have had some personal experiences with the racist corruption from the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office recently. A report was filed with the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Fraud & Corruption Prosecutions Real Estate Section concerning thefts and fraud that was involved with an elder abuse case of an elderly woman for millions of dollars. The first actions taken by a Hispanic Deputy DA over real estate fraud, Deputy DA David R. Lopez, was to deny that any crimes have taken place and refusal to enforce any laws. This is the typical attitude by the Los Angeles DA’s office when it comes to crimes involving Black Americans in Los Angeles County.  
Several months ago Jackie Lacey, was in the news because some criminals had tried to take advantage of her elderly mother. They took immediate actions against these criminals for their crimes under elder abuse laws. The amount of money that was stolen was much less than the crimes that I have been reporting to the DA’s office in the elder abuse case that I am involved in with my mother. 
On October 28th 2014, I approached Jackie Lacey at the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors meeting to ask for her assistance with the elder abuse of my mother. She put me in contact with her assistant. My report was referred to another Deputy District Attorney, Karol E. Carleton, who only refused to take any actions and made it quite clear that she was more concerned with the reputation of the Hispanic Deputy DA, David Lopez. I is very obvious that this Hispanic DA gave me false interpretations of criminal laws, which is misconduct and legal malpractice, than securing justice for a Black American family!
This is the attitude of all law enforcement in the county of Los Angeles when it comes to the American Negro. They are all committed to provide “no protection under the law” for Black Americans. Yet they will kill a “Nigger” if he resists a false arrest or they will frame up a “Nigger” if he continues to complain about police, judicial and law enforcement crimes! This is a form of subversion and is designed to run the American Negro out of his own country so they can be replaced by more illegal immigrants. 
 It seems that my predictions of Jackie Lacey, are accurate. The best actions for American Negroes at this time is to work on a recall of Jackie Lacey, demand that criminal charges be filed against her and others in the DA’s department. We need to make sure that another “House Negro” does not take her place as well as other reforms of our judicial system, law enforcement and the creation of a "transparent" corruption free election system. 
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This report was submitted by Mr. Joshua who is an investigative journalist for The Justice Channel.

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