Sunday, December 22, 2013


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In the city of Los Angeles, illegal aliens are demanding to end all deportations because it breaks up their families.  The Los Angeles City Council has passed a resolution to demand that president Obama stop all deportations. 

Yet there is no mention at all of the American families that have been destroyed because an illegal alien has killed a member of their family.  

I recorded part of the presentations and speeches during the City Council meeting on this agenda item. I have posted a link to the audio in this article below.
Audio of the Los Angeles City Council Resolution to stop all deportations

I will post the video of this council meeting to this article after some editing. 

This is a video that I have published to the TJC YouTube channel about "The Day of Remembrance", that took place last October 2013 in Los Angeles, California for some of the families that have been torn apart by illegal aliens that have killed a family member. I hope to develop this project into a full documentary in the future. This is a low resolution format for evaluation of the video that I am producing. The ladies in this video give a detailed description of what happened to their loved one and how the illegal aliens that were responsible were not deported. These are just a few of the victims that gave there testimony that day. 

The push for immigration anarchy in the city of Los Angeles continues by our local government. I believe that it was started by the Bush administration and is designed to destroy this country! Foreigners that have come into this country legally and illegally are getting preferential treatment from our local and federal government. Especially the illegal alien Hispanics, who are allowed to get jobs in the public and private sectors and discriminate against American citizens in employment. They can get jobs in the police forces and even dominate LAPD and the Sheriff's department. Hispanics have taken over entire cities like the city of Bell.

There are illegal alien Hispanic gangs that are killing the innocent youth of Black Americans to force them out of their own country. This is well know by all law enforcement and the District Attorneys in southern California, yet they are not deported.

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