Thursday, July 25, 2013

Zimmerman Verdict: The Revolts in Los Angeles, California

The corrupt verdict that was handed down from the Florida courts that let George Zimmerman go free after he killed Trayvon Martin, sparked revolts and demonstrations all over this country. I came out with my cameras to document the demonstrations that were going on in Los Angeles, California on Crenshaw Blvd and in Leimert Park.

The video at the top is one report from KTLA Channel 5 from a reporter Steve Kuzj, who I was able to talk into interviewing me. I have been coming down to Leimert Park for many years during events and demonstrations and I have seen many reporters. Most of these reporters do recognize me but will not interview me or even ask my opinion.

Most of the interviews of Black Americans that I have seen in the network TV news are usually the dumbest or most waked-out Black Americans that they can find!

This young reporter did interview me for some time. He did broadcast just a little of what I said during this interview at the 6:30 pm news broadcast from Channel 5 news reports. This is the first time that I have ever been interviewed by any network TV station. I am the man in the video wearing the Blue Hawaiian shirt.

During my interview with Steve Kuzj, I stated that the Zimmerman verdict is the result of jury tampering by Zimmerman's father and jury misconduct. George Zimmerman, his father, his mother as well as others should be prosecuted for perjury.  I also stated  that the police officers who let Zimmerman go the night he killed Trayvon Martin should be in jail as well. I stated that Obama is just a "Front" for the Bush Family Regime and is only carrying out the Bush Family's  "Manifesto" of genocide against Black Americans by the use of a racist corrupt judicial system, immigration anarchy and "no protection under the law" for Black Americans!

This next video is what I recorded from the demonstration in Leimert Park on Crenshaw Blvd. It documents the heavy police presence at the park when there was only a small turn out of demonstrators. I was able to do a short interview with Steve Kuzj, the reporter that finally interviewed me for the Channel 5 News.

The media below is an episode of The Justice Channel on Blog Talk Radio that I host and produce,  of me commenting and discussing the George Zimmerman verdict.

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